We can Slit, Rewind and Perforate films. Capabilities are listed below.

Slitting & Rewinding

Master Roll (Unwind roll):

Maximum Web Width: 83”

Minimum Web Width: 2.0”

Maximum Roll OD: 40”

Roll ID’s: 3”& 6”

Material Specifications: PE, PP, PET, PA

Material Thickness (Material Dependent):

Minimum: 0.0005”

Maximum: 0.014

Slit Width Variations: +/-0.002”

Maximum Web Width: 84”

Minimum Web Width: 1.0” w/Razor Cut

Minimum Web Width: 1.5” w/ Shear Blade

Maximum Roll OD: 25″

Roll ID’s: 3” &  6”

Maximum # of Webs: 8


Punch, Laser & Hot Needle:

Hot Needle: Needle hole patterns from 1 to 160 holes per square inch

Perforation sizes of 200 microns to 1500 microns depending on substrate

Capable of up to 79” effective perforation width