Glass/Film Laminates

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Glass/Film Laminates are a cast adhesive film with chopped glass adhered on one side with or without a non woven scrim on the other side, Glass/Film provides unique properties in the manufacturing process. This product comes in master rolls and is unique in the industry for eliminating SKU’s and speeding up manufacturing lines. With heat and pressure, it provides a enhanced rigidity to your substrate.

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Glass/Film Laminate Specs

Fiberglass reinforced adhesive film can be made with glass gram weights varying between 20 -70 gsm and film thickness 2.0 mil and up. This product can be made up to 70” in width. The fiberglass can be adhered to many types of adhesive with melt points ranging from 90°C to 160°C.

Glass/Film/Scrim Laminate Specs

Adhesive film scrim laminates reinforced with Fiberglass can be made with a variety of adhesive films laminated to many different weights of PET and PP scrims. The chopped fiberglass strands can vary in weight from 20-70 gsm and the scrim weights range from 12 gsm and up.